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  • Welcome to LaserTile!

    We are proud to present to you our award winning tile products; LaserTile™ and LaserGlass™. If you own a laser engraving machine, time to make that machine work.

    Using our line of laserable ceramic & glass tile you can let your imagination run loose. 

    Our tile IS NOT like normal ceramic tile; our special glaze that is on the tile reacts once the laser hits the tile, producing a dark charcoal marking. So you don't have to slow your laser all the way down to etch into the tile or spray it with some other chemical; simply open the box, place the tile in your machine, send the file to your laser and your done! No washing, no drying, no wiping down anything! The tile will be completely smooth after you laser it.  

    You can use our tiles to make anything from small trivets to large corporate wall murals. Use for wall murals, donor walls, signs, coasters, plaques and promotional products. Our tiles allow you to take your business into any direction you would like. 

    Our tiles allow consistent imaging on both our ceramic LaserTile™ and our LaserGlass™. Our LaserTile product provides beautifully detailed, photo quality, customized images - the only laser markable tile product on the market.

    The tiles are ready to go right out of the box! Don't waste your time and money with other products that you spray on.